Another Good Week of Progress

We had a few days of showers, and some cooler days, which has limited our harvest days, but we still were able to make good progress on the days we could go. We are currently sitting at 50.4% complete. We have another 500 acres of hard red spring wheat left to do, and then all our oats – and all the cereals will be completed. 

Yields continue to to hold around similar levels as we saw before. Below average but better than we had expected. Quality is still good, even though we did have some showers.

Weather has turned cooler – with frost in the forecast for tonight. A frost on the 4th of September would usually mean significant damage to yield and quality. This year we had abnormally hot and dry conditions, which has matured the crop 2-3 weeks earlier than usual. A frost/freeze will not harm our crops. Locations where rain did fall – you don’t have to go far, they had good moisture 10 km east of our farm – the crops are still fairly immature. A frost/freeze event could do significant damage for them. 

We have still had to dry the majority of our cereals. Even on a dry year, we still harvest when ever it gets close to dry, so we can maintain crop quality. If we had to wait for mother nature to dry the crop for us we would likely only be half as far done harvest as we are now.

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