Barley is Done! Weather Continues to Test our Patience…

We managed to get the remainder of our barley off last week – and it’s a good thing we did. We ended up with 3 days of almost continuous precipitation. The amounts were not great – around 10-15mm total – but the duration would have kept the seeds moist long enough to start the germination process. Malt barley is very sensitive to starting the germination process — part of the plant breeding characteristics for maltsers.

There was no combining done after Monday – but we hope to try combining wheat today. Forecast is calling for hot and windy conditions for today and tomorrow…..followed by more rain Tuesday night and Wednesday….followed again by more rain on the weekend.

Most of the canola has been swathed – should be able to wrap it up later this week.

With the warmer conditions we are also able to start harrowing and doing other field work. There is a fair bit of straw to deal with – harvesting at higher moisture contents doesn’t allow for the best conditions for the combine to break up the straw.

We also had the opportunity to host a tour group for the day from Land Technik Videos – they have been coming to our farm as part of their Canadian tour for a few years now. Always happy to host the group with Tammo Glaser and everyone on the tour. Interesting to hear from other areas of the world who are as passionate about farming as what we are!