Calm Before the Storm?

It’s been a mild October and start to November. This last week saw temperatures in the mid to high teens and overnight lows above zero. This is about 15 degrees warmer than normal.

It has also been an abnormally dry fall. In fact we have had very little for precipitation since June.

Well all that “could” be changing this weekend. The weather forecast has been calling for a substantial snowstorm to hit this weekend with between 30-40cm of snow up to 50cm in places. Combined with 50-70km winds this could be a blizzard like we have not seen for a long time!

This would also bring some much needed moisture – which if melts slowly in the spring would help recharge our subsoil moisture levels.

The weather forecasts this year have been very inconsistent and inaccurate. We will have to wait to see if it will come to be or not….stay tuned!


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