Cereals are Complete!

After a hot dry summer, it is looking like the weather patterns have finally changed. We had another 10mm of rain on Saturday, which is still not a big rain event, but with the forecasted daytime highs ranging from 10C to 17C with periodic showers in between – won’t be too many drying days.

With the cereals all complete, all we have left to go on is canola. Canola swaths dry relatively quick – whereas cereals can take a lot longer to dry. Canola quality also doesn’t suffer if with this damp cool weather. We are pleased that the cereals are finished – once again the grain dryer has proven to be a valuable tool – even after a hot/dry summer.

Fieldwork is well underway now that we have some people free’d up from swathing. We usually harrow all the fields to help breakup the straw and move it around. We run our Salford on cereal stubble – it is a vertical tillage tool that helps to breakdown straw and mix in with the dirt, and also helps breakup the compaction layer. We also find it benefits the canola we plant the next spring —  leaves a little more black dirt showing, and we find higher emergence rate and healthy, more vigorous plants. It also leaves about 60% of the stubble standing to help catch snow over the winter and less chances of soil erosion on windy days in the spring.

This past week we also had the pleasure to host a tour group of about 15-20 people from Europe. It is always interesting to show people from other parts of the world the way that we farm, and hear the questions and responses. We certainly take our open space and beautiful landscape for granted – when you see how others enjoy it!


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