Cereals Complete, 75% Overall

Another good week of progress, we finished the wheat that was remaining and we had some good harvest days on canola as well.

On Sunday we had some showers and a small thunderstorm pop up – had 10-15mm of rain overall. Normally we aren’t happy with rain while harvesting. Our canola got as dry as 6.5% moisture – we are allowed to haul up to 10% moisture as “dry”. When you are as low as 6.5% the difference is the water content. Water content = weight. So we always try to get as close to 10% as possible.

This rain has brought the moisture content back up again and we are currently harvesting around 10-10.5% moisture. We will blend off with the dry canola we had harvested already.

Fall work is progressing as well – heavy harrows are close behind the combines. We harrow everything in the fall to spread out the straw a little better – makes for better seeding conditions in spring. We are also doing a post harvest glyphosate application to control perennial weeds such as thistle and foxtail barley, as well as winter annuals such as cleavers. Then final step is running our salford over the cereal stubble to help break the straw up and mix it in with the top layer of soil to start the decomposition process. This is the 5th season of running the Salford and we see definite benefits in the spring. Warms the soil up and helps with a better seedbed.

Grain dryer is finishing up the last bin of wheat. If we don’t take anymore tough grain this harvest this will be the earliest we will be finished drying in a long time!

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