Cold Weather has Set In

The end of December and first week of January were pleasant as far as weather was concerned. We had above normal temperatures and not much snow to contend with.

That was nice while it lasted, it has been an extremely cold week since, with daytime highs near -30C and overnight lows of -40C; if you add in the wind, the windchill has been over -50C! Not very nice to work in that’s for sure.

Usually when it gets colder it is a good time to be hauling grain. But when it gets this cold we try and limit the amount we use the semi’s. While we haven’t been hauling grain ourselves, we have been loading quite a few custom trucks that have been hauling malt barley to Winnipeg on a specialty malt contract. Some people don’t like to load on weather this cold, which provides us an opportunity to get additional movement.

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