Cold Weather Stalls Seeding

The cold weather trend has continued the past few weeks and the early part of next week looks to be the same conditions – cool days with highs in the single digits and freezing temperatures overnight. 
We will be waiting a few days yet before we start to plant – both drills are ready to go, filled with product and calibrated. The soil conditions are a lot drier than we are accustomed to at the start of seeding – normally we harrow to help dry the top out, and the first couple days of seeding we are going into wet conditions. This year we will be starting out with decent topsoil moisture – but we won’t be running the harrows in advance. We will be trying to retain as much moisture as we can. We will be able to place the seed in moisture for the start of seeding but by the end of May that could be a problem if we don’t receive any followup precipitation.

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