Cool, Damp Week

Not much progress was made last week. We managed to get a little bit of oats done but afterwards we waited for the crop to mature.

The weather was cool for most of the week, and had periodic showers everyday or two. Not much rain fell in total – only a couple mm each time, but enough that it was too wet to harvest any cereals.

Over the weekend we did start up on our first swathed canola. It was testing between 11.5-12.8% moisture (dry is 10.0% and lower) – the seeds were mature, zero green seed (allowed up to 2% green – the higher the green seed the more immature the crop is). Normally we don’t start harvesting canola when it’s that tough but with nothing else ready, and forecast calling for 70-80km/hr winds, we decided to take some off and dry it.

Swathing will finish up by the middle of the week. Combining is just past the 1/3 mark. Hard to imagine that last year at this time harvest was just getting started!

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