Cool, Damp Week

If there was any doubt on a pattern change in the weather, we have the answer. All last week and the forecast for this week is for daytime highs ranging from 7-10C and chances of rain. We can certainly be grateful that the cereals are all done!

This past week saw some decent rainfall amounts – which we are happy to receive – helps to replenish moisture levels in the soil. In total we saw close to 50mm total over the past 7-10 days. 

We are actually in good shape, with just canola left, it won’t take long to dry. We just need to see closer to normal daytime temperatures — which would be around 18C – and some sunshine! It could be a lot worse – NW Saskatchewan and Northern areas of Alberta saw some significant snowfall amounts over the past week. They were also just getting started with harvest – they had a cool and wet summer, which delayed maturity. Below is a photo from NW Saskatchewan — looks similar to what we experienced October 1st of 2016.

IMG_2622 IMG_2646 IMG_2654


This photo is not from our area, it is from North West Saskatchewan – but is a reminder of what we saw October 1st of 2016. Our weather on the prairies can be very unpredictable and extreme – which is why we do what ever we can to get the crop off as quick as we can. We swath, we dry grain, and we run long hours.