Fieldwork Continues

With harvest complete, the long list of work to do prior to freeze up is next on the agenda. Cleanup of the harvest equipment is almost done, still need to service prior to winter but we can do that in the shop later this month when it gets too cold to do other fieldwork.

Right now we have some projects we are working on – using a rock hook around all our fields to get the large rocks that are too big for a rock picker and just above the surface of the ground. During the season we have been marking the GPS location of all the big rocks on our phones and sending to one of our employees to keep on his phone – so far its been a full week of running around with the rock hook to get them all!

Other projects include finishing up harrowing, cleaning out some water runs and leveling off some areas that are rough. There are some smaller straw piles that need to be burned and cultivate up low spots that we hope to seed for next season. 

Forecast is calling for some snow flurries next weekend and daytime highs around 0C, so this may be the last week of fieldwork.

Ground conditions are quite dry….after several years of below normal rainfall we have pretty much depleted our subsurface water table. Ideally we would like to see 50-75mm of rain prior to freeze up to recharge the moisture table, but the long term forecast isn’t calling for that. Will need some snow this winter and a slow melt, coupled with early spring rains to get our 2021 crop off to a good start. The last couple of years we have relied heavily on our high moisture table to keep the crop going during the longer periods of dry weather…

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