Fungicide Season is Here








Good week of weather – sun and warm temperatures. The crop jumped with the good conditions and even though we are still about a week behind we are starting to catch up.

Thursday we had a storm form over us and dropped pea sized hail for a brief time. Fortunately for us it was at it’s infancy. Farther to the northeast the hail cut a 20-30 km wide swath of hail damage from Melfort up to Nipawin. It’s that time of year that you can get severe storms that can wipe out your spring work in 10 minutes….

We started spraying our early planted oats on Friday with fungicide and today sprayed some early planted Metcalf barley. Early planted canola will start getting sprayed tomorrow – it’s on the early side (20% flower, recommended staging is 30% flower) but they are forecasting a major storm to come through Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Might be a few days after before it dries up enough to get back into the field.


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