Getting Close…..

Getting close on both harvest and on overnight lows…

Saturday night we had a low of plus 2 again, and heard it got below zero 30 miles south of us. It probably didn’t stay cold for long enough to do any major damage, but we have been flirting with these cool overnights for a few weeks already – we need 3-4 weeks of warmer weather to finish this crop off.

Harvest is getting close – most of the barley is turning and seeds are starting to firm up. We will be swathing a field of 6-row Legacy barley early this week so we can test our grain dryer and make sure everything is functioning properly. If we get some warmer weather this week we will likely start back up again by the end of the week and swath some more of the earlier seeded 6-row barley, and early the week following some of the 2-row Metcalf should be ready to go as well. There is more green patches than normal, so where we would usually combine the barley 2 or 3 days after swathing, it likely will have to lay in swath for 6-7 days to shrink up the green kernels.

All the harvest equipment is ready to go, and everyone is eager for harvest to begin! Lets hope for good weather the next 6-8 weeks so that everything goes smoothly! 




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