Going Again, For Now

We finally got going again on Saturday afternoon, then had a shower move through and shut us down. With strong winds and sun finally shining we got back at it again this afternoon. Canola is testing between 11.5-12.3% – we will dry all the canola that is above 11%. Below 11% we will be able to freeze it down in the bin over winter and will be able to blend it off with drier canola that we have already harvested. Canola needs to be under 10% moisture to be classified as dry.

We ended up getting snow last week but we were fortunate to miss the heavy snowfall that fell to the south and southwest. Our snowfall totaled between 3-4 inches with half of it melting when it fell and the balance melting within the next day or two. Some areas in the south west received 12-16 inches.

The forecast looks favorable for today and Monday – and then the next weather system will be moving through. At this time we are on the edge once again – it isn’t as big a system, but at this time of year it doesn’t take much precipitation to put a lengthy delay on harvest. Our daytime highs are barley in double digits, overnight lows are below freezing, and the daylight hours are only from 7am to 6.30pm – significantly less than what we get in August and September.

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