Good Progress in First Week

We had a very productive first week of seeding – just over 40% of the overall crop is in the ground. Conditions are good – seed is going into moisture and should get off to a good start. 

We have 35% of the canola planted, 80% of the spring wheat, 50% of our 6-Row and all the oats are planted. The first seeded fields are starting to germinate as the ground temperature has finally warmed  up. 

This is the first year in a long time that there are virtually no low spots to drive around – almost every spot is dry. This is after two drier years and very little runoff this spring. We sure can make a lot better time when we can go straight back and forth down a field rather than having to go around all the small pot holes full of water…

Forecast has been trying to bring some wet weather into our area, but one day it forecasts good moisture, the next update it completely disappears. At least there is some signs that the current weather pattern may be changing. For now we should be ok, we just need enough moisture to germinate and get the roots established.

IMG_5033 IMG_5062 IMG_5071