Good Week of Weather – Herbicide Spraying Complete

We finally got a full week of good weather – sun was shining, wind was calm, and temperatures in the 24-28C range. This allowed the crops to rapidly advance and fill out. We got the last of the herbicide sprayed today and now will be waiting until staging for fungicide spraying.

With the ground being wet and daily humidity high, the crop has been damp every morning and early evening. Disease pressure is not too bad yet but with the forecast for this week calling for cool, and cloudy with showers – disease pressure will rise. It’s looking like all of our cereals will need to get sprayed, and we will make a decision on the canola when the staging is correct. So far you can find apothecia present in canola stubble from last year, but nothing yet in the fields we planted to canola this year.

This next week we will be switching the tires on the sprayers from the wide floater tires to the narrow ones, and installing the crop dividers. We will also continue with the grain hauling project – which will take us right up to harvest. More on that in a future post.



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