Harvest has Started!

Another hot and dry week, the crop is really starting to come in quick. We swather the first half section of Metcalf malt barley. A couple more fields are ready as well and will come down depending on forecast tomorrow morning. After 5-6 weeks of hot and dry weather the longer range now looks to be cooling off and higher probability of moisture.

Malt barley is bred to germinate easily – so the maltster can begin malting process a few days after they start. This presents some issues for us – we try to get it in the bin as soon as it’s close to ready, and run it through the dryer to get it down to 13.5% moisture content they require. Very seldom does it ever get that dry in the field – if you try to let it dry naturally you are exposed to losing germination and quality.

This next week we will keep cutting barley and we will also start to combine the first few fields as well. Will give us a chance to make sure all machines working properly before the big push!

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