Harvest is Complete!

We finished up the 2020 harvest last week and it is the earliest we have finished since 2011. Every season has its own little quirks and differences – this year our harvest season was a lot less challenging than what we have experienced in the last number of years. 

In our industry mother nature plays a significant role in the outcome of our season. That is why we need to insure that we do the best job that we can – we need to pay attention to detail in every aspect in order to maximize the part that we control. Yes mother nature determines the amount of rain, when it rains, daily temperatures (frost, hot weather) and the wind. We control the rest….and that is why we strive to have the best crew possible every season. Not everyone is able to return to fill the seasonal positions they had previous years but we certainly appreciate those who are able to. For those positions that are open we will be going through applications from those who apply over the next couple of weeks. If you or anyone you know is interested in working for a crop season on a farm in Saskatchewan we welcome all those who apply!

This year we had an excellent group of employees once again and that is the base for our success!

The next couple of weeks will be busy working on fall work. We managed to pick up some additional land for the 2021 season and are very excited to start preparing the land! It is difficult to find new land for expansion and this will be an exciting addition for us!

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