Last Few Days of Seeding

We have had record progress this seeding season – two weeks in and we are a whopping 88% complete! We haven’t even been pushing too hard – more of a relaxed atmosphere, not rushing the fills and taking our time with everything else.

The theme is still dry weather and dry conditions. The topsoil is getting very dry, we have lowered our seeding depth to keep planting seeds into moisture so they can germinate and root. The good news is that there is some decent subsoil moisture – took a 3 foot probe out a few days ago and most places it pushes down to the handles with ease. The key is to make sure that seed can get rooted and established.

Weather has been cold – most days have been highs between 10-13C and overnight lows near freezing. Soil temperatures are also cold, and although early seeded fields have germinated, they have not yet emerged. We are fortunate they have not emerged – it got down to -5C on Saturday night.

Most years we are pushing hard to get planting completed prior to June, and once planting is complete we are moving right into in-crop spraying. This year we will be waiting a few weeks for the crop to emerge and establish yet before we start spraying. Would be good if we had some rain to get all the weeds growing as well.

There is some potential for rain the end of next week….we will be crossing our fingers and hope that this weather trend turns around. The Midwestern region of USA has been seeing record rainfall and they are struggling to even try to get the crop planted. Complete reversal up here…

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