More Rain!

Over the weekend we got another 40-60mm of rain over all our land. The total precipitation over the past 10 days is between 100-150mm on our total land base. A much welcome change – we don’t know if this is a temporary relief or if it is a change in weather patterns.

After 4″ to 6″ of rain you would think there would be water laying all over the field – but amazingly there is very little crop drowning in low spots. The water filtered through and is recharging the subsoil. 

The crop has progressed with the optimal growing conditions we have now. We are still behind average in maturity – about 1-1.5 weeks behind average for this time of year. The biggest problem that we are going to have is the different stages that we have throughout the field. There are big areas that never germinated due to dry conditions – and after the first rain last week they finally germinated. The plants that germinated after seeding are in the 4-5 leaf stage, the crop that just germinated is only at 1 leaf stage. If we get frost free days until mid to end of September that shouldn’t be a problem. If we get an early frost that could lead to significant quality issues…Canola will be the hardest crop to manage, as some areas will be close to shelling, and other areas that germinated later will be too green. 

We have been going hard with spraying – now that the rain has come, the weeds and crop are actively growing. The first fields we sprayed have another flush of weeds coming, but the crop should canopy in and out compete the weeds. 

This next week looks to be warmer and chances of rain again on the weekend. We will be looking for another round of moisture again by this weekend – at this point we won’t turn it away!

IMG_5640 IMG_5675 IMG_5678 IMG_5723

Newly germinated plants from the recent rains in the front, and all around are the plants that germinated right after seeding. 


IMG_5724 IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5757