More Rain!

We were fortunate to get an additional 30-40mm across the farm last week, raising the 10 day total to between 65-75mm. We had one weather station with soil probe last year and we purchased two more this year – it is interesting to watch the soil mositure at different depths. Our probes have sensors at the 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm, 70cm and 100cm depths. The probe measures the water capacity at each sensor and below you can see the current levels for two of the stations. The soil texture is different at each depth and the holding capacity is only relative to that depth when comparing. You can see how different rain events impacted the soil moisture and how deep it was able to penetrate. The first one got through to the 70cm depth and the second one shows the water penetrated to the 100cm depth. When you see the probe spike after a rain event, if it spikes to the same level after another rain event then you can see what the maximum water holding capacity is at that depth. Currently the moisture profile right through to 100cm is favorable.

Most of the week was cool and rainy – didn’t get back to spraying until today. With the cool weather the canola hasn’t progressed much but the cereals shot up.

This next week looks like a combination of above normal temperatures (26-29C) and potentially followed up with some additional moisture over the weekend into next week.

The crops conditions are favorable to date – the cereals are canopying over, but canola is somewhat delayed. This next week will help push it along.

Lots of grain moving over the next couple of months. It’s all going to locations within a 120km radius – we will be moving as much as we can ourselves, the balance we will have to get done custom.

Fungicide season is about 2 weeks away. With the purchase of a second high clearance sprayer we are planning to most of it by ourselves this year rather than using aerial spraying.

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