Passed the Halfway Point!

We finished the oats yesterday and are down to 900ac of hrsw left. Then all the cereals will be complete and we will just have canola left to go.

The oats were disappointing – they need a lot of water and the 6 weeks of hot dry weather really took their toll. The biggest factor was bushel weight. Our typical bushel weight is 44-46 lbs; this year it is falling from 37.9-41 lbs. That is making for a 25% reduction in overall yield. Really surprised us that the oats were affected to that degree — barley planted the same day right beside the oats were heavy and yielded very well.

We had our first frost last week – dropped down to -2.6C in our area. This is the earliest frost we have had in 5 years. Thankfully all our crop was mature enough and not affected. Those who had significantly more moisture through the growing season west and north west will have some quality loss and possible yield loss as well.

Canola yields are down across Saskatchewan and that is causing prices to rally from their low levels we have had over the last 2 years since the Chinese ban on Canadian canola. It will be interesting to see if the market can continue to rally with a short crop – and the effect it will have on demand.

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