What a beautiful rain it was! This past weekend was a sense of relief – Friday night we received 22mm on the northernmost land we have, and then overnight Friday into all day Saturday we had follow up rains across all our land. It was a slow rain, cloudy and cool all weekend, which allowed the moisture to percolate into the soil and not get lost to evaporation.

In total we received between 38mm to 55mm across everything. The crop has perked up and looks better already. We don’t know how much potential we have lost – lower plant counts, earlier planted cereals may have dropped tillers and may not reach full potential, and lower densities with canola due to flea beetles, frost and some seeds not germinating. 

This rain was very spotty, as you can see from the maps below – we are very fortunate to have been under the heavier areas of accumulation. Only 5 miles west of Humboldt they only had 4mm and closer to Saskatoon was dry. Forecast looks to be adding more potential for rain later this week and higher rain potentials into end of June and beginning of July….would be great!

Spraying will be going in full gear now, as we had been waiting for rain to make sure weeds are actively growing and will take up the herbicide. There will be another flush of weeds coming but we won’t be able to wait for them to come – crop stage will be getting to the later end of what we want to be spraying at, and limit the crop damage we do.

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We are located east and north of Saskatoon, right in the area of the higher accumulation – darker blue zone.