Seeding is Approaching!

Well it has been quite the spring so far! The last week in April we still had very little snow melt, and it was looking like a very late start to seeding. Fast forward 10 days and we could be seeding earlier than we have in the past 5-6 years! Warm temperatures, strong winds and a little bit of rain has melted all the snow and dried the fields up considerably.

All the equipment is ready to go and parked and waiting to get in the fields! And so are our employees! Hope to start one air drill late tomorrow and the other by mid-week.

Weather has been fantastic, but I don’t think you would hear anyone complain if we had a rain delay and 24-30mm of rain. We have optimal conditions at the moment to get the crop started, but will need periodic rain this season to keep the crop from suffering from moisture stress. All our moisture reserve that we had last spring was used up during the dry growing season we had in 2017.


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