Seeding is DONE!

We finished seeding on Tuesday evening (May 21st), the earliest completion date that I can ever recall! We sure made good time, it is amazing how much more efficient you can be when you have no sloughs to go around and not dealing with wet soils. Remembering previous seasons where you only had once shot to get the semi into the field to load the air cart – if not line up correctly and tried to move you would be stuck….and having to use the tow rope multiple times per day for the air drill. We hardly even had to run the heavy harrow (we have been using to help dry out the soil ahead of the air drill in previous seasons) – except in places the straw from last year was too heavy, especially what we harvested in October after the rain/snow in September.

While it feels good to be done, we are looking to the sky and hoping for some moisture. With the cool temperatures the crop is only now starting to emerge – with the earliest planted crops at 1 leaf stage. There were some cool temperatures over the weekend, with overnight lows down to -1C. Doesn’t appear to be any frost damage, but we will have to keep an eye out as they are forecasting cool temperatures early next week again.

For the most part there is good emergence. There are some seeds that are stranded in dry ground, and we will need moisture to get those to germinate. Overall even though it has been dry, there is enough moisture for the roots to grow down into and get established. We will need decent rains soon to carry this crop through, it is uncertain just how much subsoil moisture there is.

In crop spraying is also delayed – the top layer of dirt is dry, and the weeds have not been able to establish. Usually as soon as we are done seeding we are back in with the sprayer covering the first pass of in crop herbicide. We will wait as long as we can to spray – as soon as it rains all the weeds will start growing. It would also be quite dusty if we started now, and would reduce the effectiveness of the droplet from even hitting the plants.

With seeding complete, and everyone rested up, we can now start with other projects. We will be going through both air drills and getting them ready for #plant20. We also are starting to haul grain that was previously contracted.

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