Snow, Rain and Cold Weather

The stubborn weather continues, we just can’t seem to break out of this weather system! This past week has had frequent bouts of precipitation moving through – which we had missed the majority of. Daytime highs were in the single digits and overnight lows were approaching negative double digits. Not ideal harvest conditions by any means!

We were fortunate to make some progress on canola – although the moisture was at the upper end of what we are able to handle with our grain dryer setup. We are currently at 87% done harvest – which we are extremely happy with – there are a lot of people in the area that are not even half done. The grain dryer has once again proved to be the most valuable asset on the farm. We currently have about 2 weeks worth of canola to run through the dryer – plus what is left out in the field. As it stands now there has been approximately 75% of all that we harvested to date that either has been or will be dried. If you would have told me that on the first day of harvest – which was August 13th – I would have never believed that. Especially after a hot/dry spring and summer.

With the grain dryer running continuously, we have been having to shuttle grain around, and move dry grain to other locations to make room for more tough / dry grain to run through the system. We have a lot of storage around the dryer, but on years like this there just isn’t enough. But at least we have the ability to take the grain off and keep it in condition. 

Last night we went until 4am – we managed to harvest 740 acres yesterday! On our way home this morning it started to snow, and hasn’t stopped since. With the next week forecast showing highs in the low single digits, it would take a miracle to get going again this week. Time will tell!

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