The forecast had  been calling for the snowstorm to hit almost a week in advance, and the forecast was verified! A lot of times when the forecast is calling for a weather event that far in advance, it usually does not verify, something changes and we end up missing it completely. Not this time!

The storm was a 2 day event – it started Saturday and got progressively worse through the day. By nightfall it was difficult to see. On Sunday the wind picked up and we had recorded windspeeds of close to 80km/hr, which combined with the heavy snowfall, turned into a blizzard. By Monday morning it was all over.

We ended up with approximately 30-45 cm of snow. Hard to get an accurate measurement due to the strong winds. The stubble in the field is full, but a lot of it blew into the bush, ditches and anywhere that there is a windbreak. The City of Humboldt is still digging out, and this is 4 days after the snow!

The next few weeks look to be variable weather, with temperatures either closer to 0C (above normal) to -25C (below normal) – not too many days in the normal temperature range. 

This is the most snow we have received this early in winter for a long time…we will see if this was an anomaly or if we start to get back into a higher moisture weather pattern after a number of dryer seasons….

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