Soybeans are done!

We finished the soybeans on October 2nd, and now we are officially complete #harvest17!

The final yield was right around 35 bu/ac, which was a little disappointing, given how good they looked all season, but lack of rain starting mid July right through September really had an impact on filling, and they didn’t produce as well as what they had potential to. But it was a good experiment and we will make some decisions over the winter on future plans with soybeans if they will be a crop we will continue to pursue or not.

Very busy on field work! We have all tractors in the field working on field work, and those not on tractors are in semi’s hauling grain! So it is a very busy time, and we will continue to take advantage of the weather while it is warm out.

IMG_8178 IMG_8180 IMG_8203 IMG_8207 IMG_8214 IMG_8218 IMG_8224 IMG_8228