Spring is Here!

There wasn’t much runoff this year – we had less snow then usual, and with a slower melt over the past 3-4 weeks it got a chance to soak in rather than runoff. Lower areas in the fields that usually hold water are also drying up, which should make for pretty good seeding conditions with not too many spots to have to drive around.

Weather forecast is calling for cooler conditions over the next week – so the soil will still not be warming up too much, but will also limit the evaporation and help to keep moisture in the soil until we get planting. The longer range forecast is calling for warmer temperatures and dryer weather for the month of May (which will be great for seeding) and then at some point will switch to a wetter period as we move into June/July. Given the dryer conditions we have had in 2017 and 2018, the subsoil moisture levels are limited, and we will be relying much more heavily on timely rainfall this season. The shift from dryer to wetter conditions will be a big factor in crop output this year – – if it is late June or into July, we may see lower production levels. Topsoil moisture conditions should be satisfactory for seeding and getting the seed established.

We have both air drills unfolded in front of the shop and are going through our preseason maintance schedule for each of them. We traded our older air drill on a newer (2016 model year) air drill and have a little more work to do on it. We always do the majority of the repairs on our air drills over the summer which really helps in reducing the work we have to do in the spring prior to planting.

We are also busy hauling grain, and going over final plans for the season. We are looking forward to another good season!


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