Stormy Week

There were some fairly intense weather systems moving though Saskatchewan this past week. Throughout the province there was almost a daily severe weather event from tornadoes, heavy rain, plow winds, and hail.

Our biggest system moved through on Thursday around 6pm. A line of thunderstorms formed to the west – and temperatures dropped from 24C down to 13C in less than an hour. We had a brief bought of heavy rain and along with that heavy wind and pebble sized hail. Fortunately the storm had formed farther to the NW and it was in its infancy when it hit us – hadn’t had time to develop larger hail.

It looked a lot worse than it ended up being – and we are fortunate to have missed the brunt of the storm. Areas 20km NW of us saw moderate hail damage. Other areas of the province also had damaging weather. With moisture in the atmosphere and warmer temperatures, the storms were popping up daily.

This week looks to be warmer than normal – highs of 26-28C – which is exactly what we need. We are still 2 weeks behind last years crop maturity and with forecasts for a cooler September we need to start gaining heat units and growing degree days to push this crop along.

Still hard to get an true assessment on yield potentials – some areas look good but with the patchiness and unevenness throughout most fields it we wont know until we start harvest.

Our employees have been taking some much needed time off and getting rested up for the harvest push. We have another canola contract that we will start moving next week and after that almost all the old crop inventory will have been moved out.


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