Summertime Chill…

With fungicide season complete and insect season a few weeks away, this is the time to get caught up on office work and make harvest plans. Also the time that everyone takes holidays and works shorter days – take advantage of this time because we all know the harvest rush is not too far off!

Weather was hot this past week and that is exactly what we need to try and push the maturity along. This next week looks to also be warm. The hot weather last week brought some more severe weather to our area, and we did receive some hail on a couple quarters of spring wheat. It also brought some moisture to some of the land in the south that had been on the drier side these past few weeks. Hard to believe that after close to 10″ of rain in places that you can already start to see crop stress in some areas that haven’t received rain since the first week in July. 

All in crops are coming along. Last year we were getting close to harvest on some of our early barley, this year we are still looking like we are 3 weeks away from swathing. 

We have been working on a yardsite expansion this summer. With grain movement at harvest becoming more challenging, and discounted price offerings for “off combine” movement, we have had to use grain bags these past few years to hold grain for short periods of time. Grain bags are a challenge – not always confident on maintaining quality (usually some spoilage) and they cost $10-15 cents per bushel for plastic and depreciation of grain bagging equipment. We are putting up 2 more 50,000 bushel bins as well as upgrading our grain dryer to one with about 35% more capacity and also one that allows us to monitor and make changes via our smartphone. Both bins are now up and this week the grain dryer is getting installed. This will allow us to finish drying sooner and also give us the ability to take more grain off on the higher moisture scale than what we have been comfortable doing prior years.


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