The End is Near!

We are getting close to finished! We have had a daily string of showers since the end of last week and that has slowed us down considerably, but the finish line is still approaching and we shouldn’t be too much longer yet!

Once you get to the end of September you can really notice the difference in the quality of harvest days. The old saying is that 1 day in August is equal to 2 days in September and 3 days in October…..That is so true. This time of year the sun doesn’t rise until 7am and by the time it warms up enough to burn off the morning dew, it is 11am or lunchtime. The sun sets around 7.30pm and the straw gets tough shortly after. If you get any kind of moisture this time of year it just takes that much longer to dry off as well.

Fieldwork is has been progressing as well, although harrowing has been delayed due to the showers and cloudy conditions. We will have another week or so in order to finish harrowing. Once that is done we have about 2-3 weeks of further field work we would like to get done prior to freeze-up. 

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