The Rush to the End!

Well, it looks to be an eventful finish! We have about 320 acres of canola left (and one field of soybeans but they are not ready yet) and the weather looks to be frighteningly similar to what we had last year at this time! Weather warnings are out for Southern and Western areas of Saskatchewan with winter storm warnings and high rain. So far we are just on the edge and expecting 20-40mm of rain….last year they were calling for an inch of rain and double digit highs again a few days later – and we got a foot of snow and didn’t finish the last 20% until November. 

So we are hopeful we can get going and finish up before the weather turns later this afternoon! 

Haven’t had a chance to keep regular weekly updates these past few weeks due to some projects we have been working on and the dash to the end of harvest! Will try to do so as we move forward again.

IMG_8093 IMG_8094