Weather Continues to Frustrate!

It’s been a decent week for progress considering the poor weather a we have all but 260 acres of barley off. Today we are working on the last half section of barley and hope to get it off prior to the next forecasted rain event which is slated to start late afternoon today.

All that we have harvested to date has been at higher moistures levels than we normally would take it off. With barley conditions for malt extremely to moisture when it’s mature, one more rain event will likely turn this to feed.

The grain dryer is working 24/7 and will continue to do so for the next month or more just to dry what we have already harvested. We have 5000mt yet to put through the dryer and we still have 75% of the way to go yet.

This next rain event is fairly widespread and is supposed to cover the majority of the prairies. Areas to the south are expected to get the most significant amounts and we are forecast for 15-25mm over the next week.

We have desiccated all our wheat – once this event passes we will be able to cut it and won’t be long after and we can harvest it. The oats will take a little longer to mature yet. Canola swathing is progressing, we have swathed close to 50% of it as of today.




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