Weather not Cooperating

Weather has been terrible this past week. We did manage to get going for a few hours, but then we got rained out again. We managed to start again on canola and harvested just over 400 acres. The canola was testing between 12.8% – 14.3% moisture – and as of this afternoon it will have all been run through the grain dryer. Canola that tough takes a considerable amount of time to dry. But at least we were able to get something done – those without grain dryers were unable to get anything harvested this past week.

The weather doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon either. This next week they are calling for showers today, rain Wednesday, and low single digit temperatures for the remainder of the week. As bad as that sounds – at least we do not have to deal with the heavy snow that fell again throughout Western Canada. About 15km south of us they received 4 inches of wet, heavy snow. Places around central and western Saskatchewan got almost 8″ of wet snow. Some places in Alberta received their 3rd significant snowfall for the month of September. Amazing how the weather changes so quick and so significantly.

Between waiting for harvest conditions to improve we have been keeping the grain dryer running, hauling grain (moving grain around to keep as much room around the dryer as we can) and doing some field work. Its too wet to do much field work – but we did purchase a rock hook, and are going from field to field digging out the big rocks that are just at the surface. We flagged these rocks on GPS through the season so we can find them all. 

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