Wet and Cool Conditions

We had a series of weather disturbances go through our area over the last week. Thursday night was the bigger system – had between 24-55mm (more in a few isolated areas); Saturday we had another system move through our south land and left another 10-15mm or rain in a short time. This will help our later planted crops fill out, as moisture levels had been dropping and you could start to see moisture stress. Fortunately we escaped any major damage from these storm systems – no hail or excessive lodging.

We did start harvest this past week. We swathed and combined the home quarter which was planted to 6-Row Legacy Barley. It was very tough – 20%+ – but we wanted to get some off so we could test out our new grain dryer to make sure all the kinks are worked out. Yield and quality were decent – but this is too small a sample size to get a sense of what the rest of our cereals will be. We also started swathing some of our earlier canola. This is proving to be more of a challenge with the different staging through the field. The first plants that came up after seeding are to the point where they are starting to shell out – and the plants that did not emerge until after our first rain – are grass green. The first 25% of our canola is going to be a challenge to find the proper timing, the later planted canola doesn’t have the same staging issues.

Every season is different…last year we had 25% of our harvest completed…this year we are patiently waiting to get going!

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