Winter Has Settled In

We had our first snow at the end of October, and it hasn’t left. We had a few weeks of well below average temperatures in early November, but since then it has been quite warm out, and this weekend they are forecasting plus 4C temperatures – which won’t completely melt the snow we have but with the warmer temperatures recently it will lead to more melting. 

We managed to get almost all the fall work completed before the snow fell, which we are pleased with, especially given the late harvest that we had. All the equipment was fully serviced and what we are not going to use over the winter was put away for the season.

It has been and will remain busy at least up until Christmas – have been hauling malt barley to market, oats and helping some neighbors with drying grain. We plan to clean our seed in the next week as well – which is always nicer to do when it is warmer out. The last number of years it seems to be the coldest days that we are cleaning seed!


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