About Us

We are located at Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our land is in the Black Soil Zone of Western Canada and soil texture is made up of a loam to clay loam.

The typical rainfall for our area is around 400mm (16 inches), with up to 75% of that falling in our growing season which is from April to September. We grow a variety of crops – canola, wheat (hard red spring and soft white spring), oats, barley and peas.

Spring field work typically starts mid to late April, with planting running from early May to late May. June is spent applying herbicides, and July is spent applying fungicides and pesticides. Harvest starts mid to late August, and depending on weather, can be completed as early as the end of September to as late as the end of October. Fieldwork continues until freeze up in the fall.

For more information about the city of Humboldt, click on the website http://www.cityofhumboldt.ca/

Below is a map of Humboldt. Zoom out to see where Humboldt is located in Saskatchewan and in reference to the rest of Canada. The nearest international airport is located in Saskatoon, which is 100 km directly west.

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