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Our History

From then
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Our region was first settled at the turn of the 1900’s, although most settlers did not arrive until between 1910 and 1920. The region was predominately settled by people from the German / Russian / Ukraine regions of Europe who were looking for better opportunities for their family. Along with a strong farming district, we also have a high level of industry in the area – with Bourgault Industries, Schulte, and Doepker Industries all within a 35km range of our farm. Our area also has significant potash resources, with the largest potash mine in the world located 50km from our farm.

Although our region does suffer from the same weather extremes that you find in other areas of the Western Canadian Prairies – our area has been known as the “sure crop district”. We typically receive higher annual rainfall levels and that has led to decent production levels even through some of the more notable disaster years like the dirty 30’s. One of our biggest issues is a typical later start to seeding which leads to a later harvest and puts us at more risk to an early frost.



Our Area

We are located at Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our land is in the Black Soil Zone of Western Canada and soil texture is made up of a loam to clay loam.


Our Weather

The typical rainfall for our area is around 400mm (16 inches), with up to 75% of that falling in our growing season which is from April to September.


Our Crops

We grow a variety of crops – canola, wheat (hard red spring and soft white spring), oats, barley, and peas.

Companies & Equipment We Work With