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Good Progress!

Monday September 18th update.

We made excellent progress this last week – the best week of progress so far this harvest. There was one rain delay that resulted in us being down for a day, but other than that the weather has been good. We are currently sitting at 85% complete – only the canola in the north is remaining.

Combines have been working good -still having some issues with losses, and inability for the loss sensors to accurately pick them up – so we are having to go a little slower to make sure that we are keeping losses acceptable. Everyone is in a rhythm, similar start times and finish times – with a routine that is now becoming habit. There have been a few nights where we have pushed a little later to finish a field, but for the most part we haven’t had to go too late. This is the time of the season where fatigue can start to set in – having a good meal at supper and stopping for 15-20 mins helps to get everyone refreshed for the evening push.

Fall work is also progressing – all the cereal fields have been harrowed and over half the canola fields. There are some projects we will be working on later this fall as well which will take some time.

This next week looks favorable, hoping for another week of good progress!


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