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Looking Like a Late Start to Spring

Since Christmas we have been having relatively good weather. We had the odd cold spell, but nothing that lasted too long. Up to Christmas we had well above average amounts of snow, but since the new year we haven’t had much for snowfall. Overall we do have above normal snow levels, with good levels of moisture. We should be in good position for a good soil moisture recharge if we can get a slower melt. The current forecast is showing below normal temperatures for the balance of March and early April – with temperatures remaining below freezing. The sun does have a lot more strength this time of year, so even with temperatures in the negative single digits, the snow is slowly melting. The longer range forecast is looking to be more “normal” for the 2023 crop season.

This winter has also had many nights with a good visual of the northern light spectacle. Some years you hardly ever get to see the northern lights, but this winter we have had many opportunities to watch them flicker through the sky. It may get cold in the winter but the visuals can sometimes more than make up for the temperatures!

It has been a productive end of winter season with various projects. There has been good movement on grain that was contracted, with very little delays. We have been bringing each of our semi/trailer units into the shop and doing a comprehensive inspection prior to sending the units in for a “safety”. Farms are exempt from having to get annual inspections / safety on their semi / trailer units – but it has been something that we keep current on our farm. Not only does that reduce the downtime while in-season, it also helps keep them safe for others traveling on the same roads that we are.

This winter we also took the opportunity for everyone to get trained for first aid training. Not only is the training important, we have also made some comprehensive first aid and safety protocols for the farm. Safety is an important part of a healthy work environment, especially during the busy times of year.

As we get closer to spring, we will be getting further into our preparation plans for spring. This is always an exciting time of year, where you can put all your winter planning into action!



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