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Seeding is Complete!

On April 19th we had a snowstorm and the temperature range was well below 0C for the next few days.

What a dramatic turn around! Who would have thought that on May 21st we would be gliding across the finish line. Just goes to show that the weather in Saskatchewan can turn quickly – and take advantage while you can. Hopefully it takes another turn shortly and we get into a different weather pattern with some rain.

It hasn’t been a push at all this year – we didn’t have to run extended hours, and it was a more relaxing seeding season.

A few breakdowns to deal with but nothing major and nothing that caused an extended delay with machine not running. The extensive preseason inspection process and preventative maintenance sure pays off – it takes a lot of time and costs a little more to keep on top of things but it pays out in the long run with reduced downtime.

We have a great staff again this season. Everyone pitches in where they can and always willing to go the extra mile. Having a motivated, skilled and positive minded workforce makes it a lot more enjoyable – we have been fortunate in the past with a great team and we have a great team in place once again.

Big thanks, in no particular order:
Alexandr Bulah
Joe Schweighardt
Christo van Tonder
Kerneels Lombard
Mike Hamilton
Greg Puetz
Mark Silzer
Ken Brinkman
Jamie Zaluski
Jim Sarauer
Spencer Possberg
Pam Possberg
Bjoern Lessmann
Simon Schmidt

And our designated hitter who couldn’t make it this spring – Sam Hamilton

Shout out to our legacy members who have had their jersey retired and hanging in the hall of fame:
Wilbert Wassermann
Alvin Puetz


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