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Spraying Caught Up, Hot and Dry Weather

Crops are advancing an uncharacteristically quick rate for this time of year. The heat, especially the warm overnight lows, plus decent moisture are putting us a few weeks ahead of normal for crop stage.

Spraying has been a challenge with the heat and wind, compounded by the plants growing so quickly – but we finally got caught up. In crop herbicide is done in the cereals and all the first pass plus 25% of the second pass is complete in the canola. With it being dry the last week to 10 days there isn’t much of a flush of weeds coming in the later canola – if we don’t get any rain in the next week we may not have to do a 2nd pass in some of the remaining fields.

We sprayed growth regulator on all but the later seeded barley, and all the wheat up north. Been drier down south so we didn’t feel was necessary.

Earliest canola is at rosette stage and earliest legacy barley will be at flag leaf by end of the week or early next week.

Big thanks to the crew – it’s been some long days – spraying in 2 shifts for each sprayer – from 5am to as late as 2am depending on what product is being sprayed.

Looks like another warm and dry week with chance of rain in the 7-10 day timeframe. Hopefully we get some rain to keep the crop in decent condition.

Fungicide will likely start next week.


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