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Wind, Rain, Wind, and more Wind!

For the week of June 3rd-10th…

The story of this last week has been WIND!

A low pressure weather system spend the majority of the time over our area this past week – we ended up with between 24-40 mm of rain through our land base. The rain came over 3 days, Monday through Wednesday – and was enough time that it allowed the moisture to soak into the ground with very little pooling in low spots. On Tuesday there were some localized amounts of over 100mm in area, but fortunately these smaller microbursts were confined to a radius of a few kilometers – the closest was only 2km from our office where almost 100mm fell in less than an hour!

Along with the moisture, which we were happy to see, we had a lot of wind. Steady wind of 25-30km along with gusts approaching 70km/hour some days, meant that very little spraying occurred. We were able to pick away with a few tanks some mornings but haven’t been able to get a good spray day in yet. This past weekend was also cool, with daytime highs of only 10C, which isn’t the best weather for herbicide performance.

This next week looks to be warmer, but still windy! We have the ability to cover a lot of ground between our two sprayers – if we can have some decent weather for a few days we can get caught up. There is a chance for rain again this next weekend, so will have to do what we can…


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