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Winter Sets In

For the week of October 23rd

It’s been one of the more successful years for getting fall work completed. We don’t get too many years like this – finishing harvest early – and following up with almost a full month of nice weather to get fall work done. Last week we had been forecasted to receive a substantial amount of snow this week, but the storm path stayed to the south of us and we only ended up with a couple cm of snow. This will likely melt with the sun in a few days. The forecast is for cool conditions – daily highs staying below 0C and lows getting closer to negative double digits. Sure a big difference from last week where we were hitting +10 to +15C and overnight lows staying above freezing.

Fields are all in condition, we finished some water run projects as well, something that needs to be maintained every few years. We got all the equipment blown off and washed up, ready to get serviced in the shop this week now that it has turned colder outside. We also have a couple larger grain contracts that we will be delivering this next two weeks. Anything we can accomplish before we get too much snow is much easier now than trying to do with a foot of snow on the ground!



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