Another Good Week….AND SNOW!

The good news, the cereals are all off. That is a relief, given the weather event we had last night!  We are sitting at 63% complete overall. Even though the current weather is not favorable – having the cereals off is a big relief. Having to dry grain that still has retained its quality is not a big expense, it just takes time. Having to dry grain that has been downgraded to feed quality is not financially viable – not from the actual drying costs – but from the opportunity cost of the milling to feed discount.

All but 1,000mt of our cereals has been tough and will be going through the grain dryer. We just finished drying the barley this morning, switched over and currently drying our wheat. We will have about 10 days of drying wheat, then will be switching to oats. Once the oats are dry, we will be in position to handle a good amount of tough canola, which it is looking like we will have to.

Now to the current weather…..the big news is the snowfall we had last night and all day today. They had issued heavy snowfall warnings for our area, and some areas to the south of us actually had blizzard like conditions. In total it isn’t too bad – we had around 10cm of snow so far, with about half melting already. The biggest problem will be the snow that gets into the swath, and takes a lot longer to melt/dry. We seem to have had our fair share of snow at harvest and have a good idea of what to expect – the 2009, 2016, 2018 and now 2019 have all had significant snow while a large part of our crop is still out in the field. The best thing we could get right now would actually be a slow, warm rain of 10mm or more, to completely melt out the snow.

We likely won’t get back in the field at all this week, which will give us an opportunity to go through all the equipment, move some grain around, and get some sleep!


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