Cereals are Done! Both drills now going in canola

Been a good run over the last week, we made significant progress. With the dry conditions there are no wet spots to drive around and that makes for an efficient day!

The early seeded cereals are starting to come out of the ground – some seed is stranded but majority was seeded into moisture. This is the deepest we have seeded before – normally we plant cereals around 1″ deep and canola 3/4″ deep. This year cereals went in between 1.25-1.5″ deep and canola between 1-1.25″ deep. We also raised our packing pressure significantly to try and pull moisture up and seal off the top.

We were fortunate to get between 10-16mm of rain last week on roughly 25% of our land. We happened to be seeding 1 mile north of where it rained – it was a very localized storm, brief but heavy rainfall. Prior to that small storm we had humidity hovering around 16-20%.

Next few days are calling for very hot (32C) with 50-60km wind. By the end of the week the weather completely changes and we are expecting highs of 7-9C and overnight lows dipping below 0C. Hopefully the ground is warm enough to insulate the early seeded canola that is starting to emerge. There is also a chance for some precipitation – looks like we are on the northern edge of a bigger storm system — hopefully it shifts north and we get a good rain to help get everything to germinate and establish.


IMG_4603 IMG_4442 acd3f693-019e-411c-b48e-4cc862464210 IMG_4455



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