Decent Start to Harvest

The warm weather all last week allowed for a good start to harvest. We had daily highs in the low to mid 30’s for most of the week which dried down the crop in quick fashion.

We got a good jump on harvest – all the Metcalf malt barley is completed and we got all the Copeland malt barley laying in swath. The earlier planted canola has also been swathed.

So far the earlier planted fields are surprising our expectations for both yield and quality. The yield is average to slightly above average – which after a 6 week period of no rain is above our expectations. The potential crop that was possible in early July is not there but Mother Nature always holds the trump card….

We had some rain showers over the weekend which has slowed our progress temporarily. Forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and possible showers every few days…we will push to get the balance of the malt barley done before we get any quality concerns.


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