Finished! Well, almost…

With some very late nights and early starts, we managed to get everyting off! **except the soybeans**** but we won’t count them right now.

What a fantastic crew we have, I am always amazed how when a tight knit group of people get together with a common goal how everyone just makes it happen. We are very fortunate!

The last few thousand acres of canola were very good yielding. They will make up for the early seeded canola that came off below average. On the whole, we are pleased with this years outcome – above average production, and all came off at excellent quality.

The much predicted storm system has started this morning. The rainfall amounts have been forecast to range from 20mm up to 70mm – so we will have to see what we end up with. With just 160 acres of soybeans, we can relax as we watch it rain. The rain will actually go a long way in replenishing what the crops took out of the subsoil this past year.

The work has just begun however, after everyone rests for a day or two, we have grain to haul, equipment to clean and change oil, and lots of fieldwork that will not end until the ground freezes.




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