Getting Close! Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a good week of progress. The forecast had been calling for some snow to fall, but all we ended up with was a day of light flurries, all of which melted upon contact with the ground. It only took one day before we could get going again. 

We pushed hard this last week, going well into the early mornings most days. We are getting close to the end, so close that we can see the light at the end! We did get shut down last night due to light rain shower, and won’t be going at all today. Hoping we can get going again later tomorrow. We have roughly 600 acres left to go.

It has also been very busy around the dryer and main yard, moving grain around trying to make room to finish drying grain and topping up bins, and hauling to fill some contracts with grain terminals.

Beyond that we are not too far behind with the fall work – the harrows have almost caught up to the combines, and the salford has maybe 1 week left in order to have run across all the cereals.

It was another thanksgiving supper in the field, but I don’t think anyone minded, as they got a turkey supper in the field!

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