Getting Plans in Place for Spring

Weather has warmed up the past few weeks – which is a welcome change from the cold a few weeks ago! Had two weather systems move through a few weeks ago that brought blizzard like conditions and dropped alot of snow. Should help in getting some mositure back into the topsoil, although will not help much for recharging our subsoil, since the ground is frozen yet when the snow melts. 

Most of the planning has already been completed for this spring. All but a few of the crop rotations have been set. Seed is currently getting cleaned by a custom cleaner – our seed quality was very good from last season, with very low disease levels.

They are forecasting another blizzard to hit again this weekend! After a winter of lower snowfall, March has brought a fair bit of snow and has pushed our winter precipitation levels from well below average to average / slightly above average. IMG_0165

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